Introducing Morpheus Cloud Management Platform

The reality of digital transformation is that every company is turning into a software company but most organizations are not ready for it. Organizations in virtually every industry are using software innovation to differentiate themselves and need to move fast to avoid being disrupted. In this new era of digitization, speed and agility are the keys to success.

Unfortunately, it can take IT weeks to deliver new services to developers which leads business teams to bypass IT in favour of more innovative public cloud services. The resulting complexity crisis has caused:

  • High costs and lack of visibility
  • Security and governance blind spots
  • Brittle approaches to automation
  • Poor application life-cycle integration

IT leaders need to radically improve speed and efficiency of service delivery to stay relevant and get ahead of new technology transitions.

IT needs to step up its game, but that means more than just automating VM creation. Development teams have embraced Kubernetes and also want access to cloud-native services for next-gen applications such as AI/ML, blockchain, and IoT.

Scripting and configuration management can help, but there is still too much manual effort associated with stitching together disconnected tools.

Lastly, skills gaps in the expanding variety of cloud platforms is compounding the challenge. IT has run out of time and must find a better way.

Morpheus is a 100% agnostic cloud management platform (CMP) for multi-cloud orchestration, unified operations, and self-service automation.

It’s a foundation to bridge the gap between teams, tools, and processes independent of where and how applications are deployed.

Unlike vendor specific tools that force you to rip and replace existing technologies, Morpheus unifies tools you already have and lets you manage your clouds your way – just better and with zero lock-in.

The best part is that with over 80 out-of-the box third party integrations we can have you up and running in just a couple of hours for rapid time to value.

Developers, Cloud and Security teams can serve the needs of Business by delivering what each needs to be successful.

  • For CloudOps, Morpheus standardizes management and governance of virtually any cloud or app platform – Bare Metal, VM, or Container
  • For DevOps, Morpheus enables speed with self-service provisioning, a full fidelity API/CLI plus flexible infrastructure-as-code blueprinting
  • For SecOps, Morpheus eliminates shadow IT, reduce vulnerability surface and improve security as a system of record for all operations
  • For BizOps, Morpheus enables cost optimization, centralized reporting and charge back plus enforce policies across teams


Traditionally, a service request for a new app or VM has to pass through multiple teams and tools before it is fully delivered. With Morpheus, delivery time is slashed by providing users with a self-service catalogue of IT approved application services and blueprints. Behind the scenes Morpheus fully abstracts and integrates with hypervisors, public clouds, networks, ITSM tools, IPAM, monitoring, logging, load balancers and more. Morpheus enables IT to set rules and guardrails around all these elements so that when a user requests a service they get back what they asked for in minutes, not weeks.


Address all cloud management and DevOps automation functions in a single unified platform.

  • QUICKLY INTEGRATE AND OPTIMIZE: Add clouds and tools quickly for plus reduce cloud costs by 30% with guided rightsizing
  • ESTABLISH CONTROL AND POLICY: Set guardrails with fine grained role-based access, multi- tenancy and policy enforcement
  • PROVIDE FRICTIONLESS DELIVERY: Enable continuous delivery with integration into DevOps tool chains and infra-as-code
  • MANAGE DAY-2 AND BEYOND: Integrate life-cycle tools like monitoring, logs, backup, and hybrid cloud scaling, and more

Why are some of the largest enterprises and service providers standardizing on Morpheus?

  • 100% Agnostic: Offerings from VMware, RedHat, Cisco, etc. suffer from narrow focus on one stack. Customers want a vendor management strategy as much as a CMP.
  • Futureproof Design: Morpheus is the most robust and agnostic CMP in the market but goes beyond to cover Container Management and DevOps automation.
  • Native App Services: Built-in services for image creation and migration, IPAM, DNS, Secret Management, File Sharing, Monitoring, Logging, Backup, Load Balancing, and more.
  • Agile Development: Morpheus DevOps team with agile releases every few weeks. In a cloud and development ecosystem that is changing daily, keeping up is a critical success factor.

Nimbic is a hybrid IT management company and Morpheus partner. We offer cloud management solutions and direct integrations into multiple clouds in order to provide you with an all in one self- service hybrid IT solution with zero lock-in. Contact us now to arrange a free demo.