Our Services

Professional Services

We support our clients in their efforts to build revenue streams and monetise their assets more effectively.

Our team of experienced professionals have the knowledge and expertise to deliver these services to the highest standards, ensuring that our clients are able to achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Business Process Outsourcing

Our experienced project managers will provide you with transparent plans and full visibility of the milestones required to be achieved to complete the project. Regular updates are provided to your team, and any exceptions, risks or issues are immediately raised and dealt with.

Cost Optimisation Intiatives
  • Revenue and Cost Assurance functions ensure no Revenue is leaked and Costs are contained in line with the clients Procurement Policies.
  • Product Profitability Reviews are undertaken to ensure Products are Services are performing according to original Business Cases.
Field Services
  • Our level 2 and 3 engineers are vetted and graded and available for hourly assignments.
  • We have presence in 150+ countries
  • SLA based call outs are available in high demand locations.
Short- and Medium-Term Talent Acquisition (Staffing)

We support short and medium term contracts of Network and Software Engineers in over 50 different types of technology. (link to Technologies supported page)

Operations and Maintenance Support

We provide supplementary Project Management and Operations Support Services across various disciplines.

NOC Support Services

We provide remote NOC-as-a-Service for specific technologies for our clients.

Technical and Product Audits
  • Our Technical Audits include Wi-fi audits, LAN audits and Network Health Audits
  • Our Product Audits are focused on Product Performance reviews and remediation if necessary to the original business case.
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