Take Control. Enable DevOps.

Business is moving faster and faster. Technology is changing rapidly. IT environments are getting more complex.  Competitors are transitioning their business models and innovating rapidly. The rate of change can be overwhelming.

DevOps aims to alleviate a lot of the pressure caused by this rapid evolution by establishing collaborative cross-functional teams that support an organisation’s digital transformation goals. In order to do this, it helps to have a system that provides visibility of that organisation’s IT environment, and allows users to provision and monitor resources in a co-ordinated and controlled manner.

Nimbic enables DevOps within organisations through the implementation of its class leading Morpheus Cloud Management Platform.  By using such a platform, organisations get to unlock a number of important benefits:

Integrate and Optimize quickly: With multiple platforms supported, DevOps get comprehensive insights into complex IT environments quickly. Identify under- and over-utilised services, and change them immediately from the interface.

Accelerate deployment: Alleviate bottlenecks by pre-defining image blueprints and network configurations.  Standardizing delivery,  and enabling self-service means deployments can be launched faster and according to best practices. Additionally, empower operations by scheduling tasks such as backups to run at set intervals, or by spinning services up and down as and when they are needed.

Define and Adhere to budgets: Control costs by setting budgets and tracking them through the month. Allocate costs to specific projects and environments and get forecast estimates of monthly expenses.

Audit and track activity: Establish guardrails by defining policies within the platform to ensure good governance. Implement role-based access to limit unauthorized activity. Full logging and auditing give visibility of what authorized activity has occurred.

Take control of your Hybrid IT environment and accelerate DevOps execution by implementing a Cloud Management Platform.  Contact us to find out how cloud orchestration can simplify your cloud environment. We’ll give you a no-obligation demo of our class leading platform.